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Welcome to Event Designer’s by Q&E, Stretch your Imagination.

Q&E was founded in 2014 by two individuals that have the catching eye for glam, luxury, and comfort for every bride, groom or event. Q&E specializes in destination weddings. Our company has what it takes to add a stress free environment and worry free event. Our company provides comfort to every event no matter where your from. We make sure the planning process is on point, and running smoothly in different parts of Puerto Rico.  We are a full staffing company, from cosmotoligy to culinary, from mixologist to Floral Design and planning. We have it all! Q&E for the past five years have been serving brides and different events from all around the world like Baptisms,  Bat Mitzvah, Sweet Fifteens, down to Sweet Sixteens, anniversary and elopements. We can do it all and most important to any couple or family we are budget management team. Event Designer’s has different venues for you to choose from, hotel, private estates, villas, banquet halls and convention centers up to one-thousand guest. Our wide range in different areas  also include private chef services and on-site culinary adventure for all your guest or just your family.

Q&E Invite you with no strings attached to take a look and see what suits you best. Our Family Invites you to take a look at our packages. Remember, Q&E has FREE email consultations or by phone with no ablutions. Our company provides 100% FREE consultation and quotes so don’t hesitate anymore and call us or email us with all your thoughts and dreams.

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Eduardo Omar Heredia

Event Planner and Master Designer

Welcome! You came to the right place! My name is Eduardo Omar, Q&E’s Event Planner and Master Designer. I’m here to guide you till the day you say I DO! I love making dreams come true. I was born in Connecticut and raised between Puerto Rico and USA. I have a Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts/ Classical French and Bachelors Degree in Culinary Nutrition, a minor in hotel and restaurant management.  I have been in wedding industry for over 10 years and growing in this magical industry. Making all my events bloom is the most important part of this industry besides, making menus, or finding the perfect signature drink with our vary own mixologist.

Although I have worked with many different vendors, event planners, and restaurants around Puerto Rico, it was time to move forward and create with Quintin a company that can be reached to many brides at any budget.  I was noticing that every planner I have worked for had there own unique touch, and it had crossed my mind, why not grow on my own? I have what it takes, a smile, good & positive attitude, sharp thinker and most important, I have patients to grow further and explore different ideas with my clients. However every bride has there differences in taste, design and floral design. I have had laid back brides and controlling grooms to a groomzila, to nervous bride or just too laid back lovebirds  that love life to the fullest…but its all part of the wonderful union there going to enter.

“Love works in mysterious ways” and that’s why I love what I do.

Making every event spectacular is my main priority, besides making sure all the details are in place, checking my vendors and having my staff prep everything that needs to be done for the event. As Quintin has said before, “explore with no stings attached” and see what you like.  We will be waiting for you on the other side to create the perfect package for just for you.

Rincon Wedding

Quintin Curbelo

Administrations and Promotions

Bienvenidos a Q&E! My name is Quintin and I am the administrator/promotional advertising for Event Designer’s by Q&E. I have been in the wedding business for 22 years and rising. Not indirectly but in back of the house. I am Cosmetologist with my own salon with a high clientele. I have worked with many bride and grooms though out my years.  Working with local TV station and well known magazines back stage with highlights of all the women and preparing for every show or interview, everything had to be perfect down to every last detail, from lights to cameras. I have noticed that every bride and groom starts with there looks, and works their way to the alter and into the union of love. I have created through out the years a catching eye for fabulous details.  I started to see that I needed to grow in this magical industry and expand my horizons to see further then the make-up and stylish hair, i wanted to do more.

Now as co-founder of Q&E I wanted to make sure like in my salon, they had the right price and budget for there perfect day.  Everything starts with excellent costumer service and a smile and let not forget great communications and authenticity.  Our wedding coordinators and wedding planners make sure every bride get more for there money no matter where you are in Puerto Rico.

As we grew, I have decided to devote my time and positive atmosphere to brides across Puerto Rico, and given them the most memorable time of there life. I invite you with no strings attached to take a look and see what you like, explore and stretch your imagination!

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