International Fusion Cuisine

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Chef’s Gonzalez, a Johnson & Wales University student, graduated with a Associates Degree with superb taste for island fusion. Using Puerto Rico’s exotic fruits and vegetables his menus contain from Passion fruit “Parch” to Jackfruit or known as “Guanabana” or coconut and tamarind and his different mix spices from around the world. Chef Gonzalez and staff is know for using different wines/sprites in his meals to complement his seasonings and his clients unique pallets for good food.

Q&E catering services also provides a one-one sit-down tasting of the menu created for such event and will also recommend for each course or bar service wines if desired. Our catering service can be custom tailored to any event and any amount of guests.

“Catering is not only food it’s art” Q&E

Sample Menu

Passed Appetizer Samplers

Cassava Lobster cake topped with sauteed pork loin in Pinot Noir and rosemary, fried sliced plantain chips over tarragon aioli

Cucumber, strawberry, and shrimp ceviche with sliced mix bell peppers, purple onions, chopped cilantro, with a mango, coconut, vinaigrette

Turkey, goat cheese, beansprout deep fried wantons, with a ginger and sriracha sauce

Soup & Salad

Avocado stuffed with arugula, mandarin oranges glazed balsamic, Malibu rum vinaigrette reduction

Potato and Leeks Soup

Main Course

Roasted Chicken Breast in a lavender mornay sauce, served with basmati almond rice, and steamed Asparagus

Stewed filet mignon in Cabernet Sauvignon, mix wild mushrooms, cassava mash served with brussel sprouts sauteed with a touch of gold rum and roasted hazelnuts.

Red Snapper in creole sauce with roasted garlic and red peppers, plantain salad with capers and sour cream, served with baby carrots

Q&E has many different menus and options to please everyone, so don’t forget all menus are personalized to every event and budget. All our catering services have bartenders, waiters and waiters, personal chef on-site, stainless steel appliances and utensil, glass champagne flutes, water goblets, cloth napkins in different colors to match your decor. It can be cocktail service, sit down dinner or just a BBQ, we have it all under one umbrella!

Buen Provecho/Bon Appetite

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