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Q&E has packages for everyone with any budget. The Crystal Package was made specifically for the bride and groom that are looking with-in a budget. This particular package introduces the basic necessaries to a elegant wedding, event for any bride.  This exclusive offer can be for a private villa, Private estate, hotel or convention center. The best yet to come!!! All our packages can be modified to any brides needs.

Package Includes for 50-60 guest:

Ceremony Area

  • 2 Medium Floral Arrangements
  • Basic vinyl plastic chair with white chair over
  • Rose peddles, and white lanterns
  • (Do not include peony rose, succulents, exotic orchids, or other exotic flowers)

Cocktail Area

  • 5 low cocktail tables
  • 5 tablecloths white or Ivoy

Reception Area

  • 7 White Satin Tablecloths round
  • 6 Overlay toppers
  • White Satin Cloth Napkins
  • 10 Small Floral Centerpiece
  • Bridal Table with floral arrangements and floating candles
  • 1 Bridal Bouquet
  • 2 Maid of Honor Bouquet
  • 3 Bridesmaid Bouquet
  • 2 Mom’s Bouquet
  • 2 Dad’s Boutonnieres
  • 6 Groom and Groomsmen Boutonnieres
  • 6 Led Lighting staging Illumination
  • Tiffany Chairs in gold, mahogany or silver
  • 2 Q&E Employees
  • Disc Jockey Services for 5 hours including ceremony, cocktail and reception
  • Full Day Event Coordinator
  • Full Event Planning, Layout and 1 onsite visit
  • Unlimited Phone and email consultations

All packages are made with a Save The Date Deposit of $1,000.00 and a signed contract with Event Designer’s by Q&E or known as Q&E. All Payments can be made to Event Designer’s by Q&E by certified bank check, electronic wire-transfer, or USPS Money Order, All personal checks are not accepted. Payments must be paid by 30 days before the event date or cash upon arrival.(subject to change)

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