Chandeliers, Illumination and more

Flower Ornament After Intro Title

Event Designer’s by Q&E has a unique way of working with clients, your dream event or wedding will come true as long you are open for new ideas as well as budget cuts or reconstructing of your own budget ideas. We are here to make you happy at your convenience, “it’s really your event, not mine” We are here to guide you in your design and custom tailor the event to fit in your dream. Q&E has 10 or more years of budget administration and a private financial CPA working with us at all times to make sure your money gets spent on you! . We will make sure we will make “more for your money


  • Tablecloths
  • Tablecloth Overlays
  • Cloth napkins
  • Dinnerware (Silver/Gold/Platinum/Mix) (Knives/dinner forks/salad forks/soup spoons/dessert spoons)
  • Dinner Plates (square/round/rimmed) Silver/Gold/Platinum/Mix
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Dance Floors (wood/white/black/light up floor in led)
  • Ceremony Staging
  • Arbers
  • Flowers
  • Mixology (signature drink/specialty items)
  • Chandeliers lighting and control
  • Custom Lighting
  • Event Holograms (initials/names/groups/patterns/vintage/rustic/luxury/logos/corporate)
  • Linen Draping (tents/catering halls/some hotels) Every place has their policies
  • Festive Lighting
  • Special Lighting Specialist (custom lighting on dance floor etc…)
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