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All your consultations are FREE at any point. “No, I’m not kidding” this is going to charge your life here on out. No hidden fees or no hourly charges.  For every session, or conversation I will not charge you. When signing contract for all events or for designs or just event planning its free consultations! When Q&E sends out our proposal or quote, you (client) will have 7 days to reply and deposit on date requesting for event.  If for any reason you can’t, please by all means call us and we will hold the date tentative till you decide up-to 15 days. Its That simple.

Congratulations is in order!!! If checking this portion of our website, you’re interested in our services and you are checking us out!  Q&E has a lot to offer to everyone, for any event. Don’t be afraid and call your wedding specialist today or fill out the inquiry page on our website for your free quote, I’m only a phone call or email away you need to speak with our specialist today.

Don’t stress anymore and contact the wedding specialist today & stay stress free!!!

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