Elegance and Simplicity

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All our brides have the chance to make there dream wedding come true! Q&E have designed the Tiffany Package to accommodate all thous brides that have a big imagination on making there dream come true. Q&E can make your dream come true on a budget with excellent taste, class, and worry free environment any where you go.  The Tiffany package like any other package can be simplified to your liking.

Package includes up-to 65 Guest

Ceremony Area

  • 4 Medium size floral arrangements
  • 4 White columns, candles, and rose pedals
  • 60 Garden Chairs
  • White Rug Runner
  • 2 Hours Violinist

Cocktail Area

  • 2 high cocktail tables
  • 6 stools
  • 3 low cocktail tables
  • 5 tablecloths white or Ivory
  • 5 small Arrangements

Reception Area

  • White satin tablecloths
  • Overlays, organza, lace or sequence
  • 65 Cloth Napkins, color of your choice
  • 15 Floral centerpieces with votive candles
  • 65 Tiffany Chairs, gold, silver, white or mahogany
  • Bridal table with flowers arrangements and candles
  • 1 Bridal Bouquet
  • 2 Maid of Honor Bouquet
  • 5 Bridesmaid Bouquet
  • 10 Groom and Groomsmen Boutonnieres
  • 2 Mom’s Free Bouquets
  • 2 Dad’s Free Boutonnieres
  • 6 Led Lighting staging Illumination
  • 3-4 Tiered Designer Cake, some restrictions may apply
  • Disc Jokey services for 6 hours including Ceremony, Cocktail, Reception and MC for all Protocols
  • Silver or gold Charger Plates
  • Full Event Coordinator
  • Partial Event Planning, layout, 2 onsite visits
  • 3 Q&E Employees
  • Full Event Photography with rights to print
  • Printed Menus for all guest

All packages are made with Save The Date Deposit of $1,200.00 and signed contract with Event Designer’s by Q&E or known as “Q&E”.  All payments can be made to Event Designer’s by Q&E by certified bank check, electronic wire-transfer or USPS Money Order.  All payments must be paid by 30 days of the event date, cash or upon arrival wedding day. (Subject to Change) & Some restrictions due apply!

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