I had the immense pleasure of experiencing an unbelievable daily dining experience as part of a yoga retreat I attended at Tres Palmas Villa in Rincon, Puerto Rico.  Thanks to the amazing talents of Eduardo (Omar) and Quintin of Event Designers by Q&E, our group was treated to beautifully presented, incredible tasting, and utterly inventive brunches and multi-course dinners.  The table was always beautifully embellished with such an attention to detail, every meal became a truly special occasion.  The food was also prepared healthfully…never have I enjoyed eating my vegetables so very much! Portions were generous and so good tasting, I never wanted to leave so much as a morsel behind.  The love of food and people that Eduardo and Quintin clearly have comes through loud and clear in the service they provide.  I wholeheartedly recommend Event Designers by Q&E for your special occasion.  No doubt, they will create an event that is original, enjoyable, beautiful, and genuinely memorable.

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