Beautiful Mansion Villa Hacienda Bonita

I would recommend Omar and Quintin with no regrets! They both went far and beyond to make our wedding just as we wanted. They were 100% genuine, caring, kind, respectful, creative, professional, and exceptionally talented. Given the weather we had to change the venue two days before the wedding, every brides nightmare! After having everything planned out for a beautiful outdoor wedding, we had to change things quickly. I was just resigned that it was going to be unseemly and hideous as we only found a student union Courtyard, with logos of the university and bulletin boards all over…but Omar’s and Quintins magic transformed the location with just a day to spare and made the most romantic, magical transformation we could have ever imagined. They did not stress about the situation, just created a new plan, adjusted, and made the most incredible transformation. They did more than decorating, they were wedding planners, psychologist(calming me down), and friends. And my wedding bouquet was GORGEOUS!! The most beautiful ever!! I am forever grateful Omar and Quintin! 🙂

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